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What will a child get during a lesson?
A qualified tutor will find a rapport with your kid and help choose a learning track that will be perfect for unleashing your child's potential.
Introduction to the course
As soon as the child is involved in the learning process, we'll explain the basics of the subject and introduce him or her to programming and digital creativity
Learning the first topic
A child will create his or her first project on the topic covered. This could be a game, animation, presentation, or graphic image
Mini project
Kodland is a global digital skills school for kids aged 8-17
How our online classes look like:
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Your child will study by applying what they’ve learned to tangible projects from the beginning.
Useful skills to create real tech projects
Qualified teacher will find a rapport with your kid, inspiring and helping at every stage.
Live group classes with tutor
Project- and discovery-based courses help children internalize concepts and have fun while doing it!
Lots of fun: your kid will never get bored
Our own social network for rising stars of IT world called HUB is a perfect place to share their own projects and get inspired by the peers' ideas!
Community and knowledge exchange
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